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Anatoliy GusevAnatoly Gusev - graduated with honors from the Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University in 1974. There is a post-graduate in 1977. He defended his thesis in 1977. Associate Professor from 1980., Has 15 publications in international mathematical journals. Author of innovative patents in different areas. Invented and patented a unique series of children's toys, prototypes of which were presented at major exhibitions of toys and won first place. Toys Gusev pleasant surprise of the trade of children who play our games with great interest.

 The main feature of our company lies in the fact that we are not interested in producingproducts that are already there, so we design and produce completely new products.

All our inventions - radically new educational toys from small to global scale the world of inventions that will be useful to all and on which we work every day.


Spirali Guseva



We invent children's games -
GUSEV GAME - SPIRALS for children and adults



игра гусева спирали грибок"Fungus";



Игра Гусева Спирали - Бегунок"Begunok";



Spirali Guseva Kvadronog"Basis";





 Game rules:        Watch video presentation

"Fungus" and "Begunok" set on the middle of "Basis" together and between "Spirals". Two players rotate "Spirals" at the same time and as quickly as possible. The player number 1 rotates "Spirals"; the player number 2 rotates "Spirals". The winner is the player who will get a "Fungus". The game continues up to five victories.



Education game the constructor Spirali Guseva


The players rotate spirals by different fingers (for better motor development); For adult player: he has to rotate spirals middle and ring fingers or little and index fingers; The game develops reactions and acquaints the children with important technical elements; The game is a construction set.



"Developing a simulator SUN"
- Millions of people complain about the health and back pain. Athletes interested in improving sportsmanship. We have tried to invent a new product that could relieve the pain, not only in the back, but all over the body, improves circulation, coordination and reaction developed. Inspiration for us was seen by the plot, in which astronauts rotate in a special apparatus. We set a goal to come up with developing a simulator that will be useful to everyone.
Our new invention, which we today can tell you - developing a simulator sun, which is useful for the whole body, develops coordination, improves blood circulation, develops back, straightens the spine, and most importantly - gives a great pleasant experience that is beyond words!


The simulator provides a complete security and comfort to the user through the development of accurate and designing safe mechanisms and reliable designs. The inventor - a mathematician and inventor, Gusev, AI, and all the tests and "tuning up the mind," pursued Sergey Gusev.
As a result, we were able to produce a prototype of developing sun simulator, which is presented in an inconspicuous camouflage. The final version of the sun simulator will be presented after the start of mass production.

 Watch the video presentation of the sun simulator, you can click on this button.




 Director@GusevGames.ru ; Russia, Moscow